In Memoriam
Lillian B. Rubin
January 13, 1924 - June 17, 2014
Lillian Rubin

What does one post on the website of a dearly beloved mother?

How to make meaning out of deep sadness for those who never met Lil but know & appreciate her work...


for those who just happen by Lil's website in a search for meaning about relationships, aging, race & class in America...


for those Lil touched during an amazing life and to whom Lil meant so much...


Maybe that's an impossible task. So I will simply leave a daughter's words for an amazing mother.

You were beautiful at 19 and at 90. You gave me strength, courage & love. Being your daughter wasn't always easy, but what a fantastic journey these 65 years have been.

I cry knowing we'll never talk & laugh together again. Then I laugh about the silly stuff you & I shared & all your funny loving quirks. Then I read just one more email from yet another person whose life you touched deeply, about why you were important, about how deeply you were loved & about your pride & joy in me - and I reach for the telephone to share the wonderful words with you. At those moments, reality sets in. And while I'll never again be able to share the love & the pain, the triumphs & defeats, the joys & sorrow with you on this earth, I know you hear me.

As we all mourn in our various ways, we take comfort knowing you died as you wanted - in your home, in your bed, with dignity, living independently until the end. It's now our challenge to celebrate your life by living our own with the courage, tenacity & principles with which you lived yours.

With great love I say goodbye from this world to the best mom & my best friend...

Marci Rubin
June 23, 2014


Artist & Writer
Lillian Rubin lives and works in San
Francisco.  She is an internationally
known writer and lecturer, who has
published twelve books over the last
three decades.

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Most recently Dr. Rubin turned her
creative energies to painting.  For her
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On Becoming an Artist

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Lillian B. Rubin, Ph.D.
Abstracts, Landscapes, Seascapes I
Abstracrs, Lansscapes,Seascapes II
Recent Works
Arctic Night
Acrylic, 22" x 28"